Best Wedding Officiant - WO1

This category is for Best Wedding Officiant and each entry will focus' on what you have done for a single wedding/couple. Please provide a brief background on the couple and explain how you customized, helped or delivered your service for that couple. You should also include parts of the ceremony script that you feel best demonstrate the work you've done. (please do not include the entire ceremony from start to finish. This form allows for a maximum of 3000 characters in total: 1500 in question 8 and 1500 in question 10. Please use the space efficiently.)

If you feel it would be helpful, you can also include photos and/or video with your submission.  We recommend that you review the judging criteria and scoring information to best understand what the judges are looking for.

Please read the instructions below carefully, failure to provide all of the required information correctly could result in your entry being disqualified and the loss of your submission fee.


- One form per entry only. If you wish to submit another wedding please use a separate submission form for each wedding.

- Any material you submit should be from a wedding that took place between October 1st 2016 and September 31st 2017.

- Your personal or company name MUST NOT be used in your response to questions 8.

- Images: Suggested sizing is approximately 800x1200 pixels at 72dpi. Your images must not contain the name or branding of your company on the image.

- If you choose to submit a video then your video should be a maximum of 3 minutes, MAY NOT EXCEED 200 MB in size and must be in an mp4 format. **IMPORTANT**Your video must not contain any branding or the name of your company. Videos that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.

- After submitting your entry form you will be taken to a 'Thank You' page where you can pay your $79 late entry Submission Fee.

[AWARDS NIGHT TICKET INFORMATION: For each submission you make you will receive an allocation of 1 ticket for the November 22nd 2017 Awards Night at the concessionary price of $20 which can be purchased once RSVP's open in early November. You will be contacted via the email address you enter in this form. Tickets will be available on a first come first served basis up to venue capacity. Winners and Finalists will be announced live at the Awards Night.]

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7. How Long has this company been in Business?

(This information may be subject to verification if selected for an award. Must be in legal business operation for at least 2 years as of October 15th 2018 in the Province of British Columbia)

8. Description of your company and services provided:

9. Please nominate one person for the 2017 Industry Achievement Award.

The person you nominate should be someone who you feel has really contributed improving the wedding industry in British Columbia over the last year. Your nominee may not be associated with the Professional BC Wedding Awards.

10. Please tell us any specific information that you feel needs to accompany your image(s).

If referring to a specific image please reference the file name of that image.

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