Wedding catering trends keep on evolving and the year 2022 is promising with delicious trends. Here are some of the newest trends you want to look out for:

Plant-based Menus

With the rise and popularity of the importance of eating a healthy diet, there is a rise in plant-based diets at weddings. Vegan diets are more common these days, and many caterers are incorporating seitan, tempeh, and tofu into their menus.

Miniature Foods

Bite-sized portions of foods are another huge trend in 2022. These foods are visually appealing and allow guests to have a variety of all delicacies. 

From siders to mini burgers, miniature foods are a fun way to enjoy culinary art at a wedding.

Edible Flowers

This is an environmentally-friendly wedding theme that will have edible flowers applied on cakes, cupcakes, and salads. For instance, a dried sachet of lavender will make your guests enjoy the experience.

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables allow for the arrangement of fruits, cheeses, and other snacks. They are great for an evening ceremony or a late-night food option.

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