Wedding planning is exciting, but it can also be stressful if not handled the right way. From guests to the venue, there are many factors that can create tension and anxiety. 

Let’s explore some common wedding planning stresses and their solutions:

Guest List Management

You can be confused about whether to invite some family members and friends or not. However, you should remember that you should be happy on your wedding day, so only invite people that you feel will truly celebrate with you. 

When planning, start with the list of guests that you must have and stick to these criteria.

Dress Shopping

The pressure of finding the right dress can be overwhelming. To make it more bearable, do some research online and use this inspiration to get your preferred style. 

You can also book appointments with bridal shops and request them to help you make a good choice. Invite positive feedback from supportive friends and family members as well.

Family Dynamics

Family dynamics in wedding preparations are a common occurrence that can create big disruptions. It’s important to communicate with family members and create boundaries early on in the planning process. 

Talk with them about your expectations and also listen to their concerns to find a common ground.

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