Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding will greatly help make your big day a success. It helps you to feel glamorous, comfortable, and confident the whole day. 
Dress shopping can, however, be stressful, but there are ways to get you started. Here are some of them:
Have a Schedule
You should start shopping for your wedding dress about 6 to 8 months before your wedding day. This will let you examine your options and have enough time to order the dress and make…


Tips to Achieve the Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle

Hair is an essential asset for every woman. The hairstyle that you choose for your wedding will complement your wedding dress, so it is crucial to find one that matches your style and wedding theme. 
Here are some tips to help you achieve a perfect hairstyle:
Book a Consultation with Your Hairstylist
If you have an idea but don’t know how it will look on you, you can book a consultation with your hairstylist.  


Wedding Catering Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Wedding catering trends keep on evolving and the year 2022 is promising with delicious trends. Here are some of the newest trends you want to look out for:
Plant-based Menus
With the rise and popularity of the importance of eating a healthy diet, there is a rise in plant-based diets at weddings. Vegan diets are more common these days, and many caterers are incorporating seitan, tempeh, and tofu into their menus.
Miniature Foods

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